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HorizonWeb Frequently Asked Questions

What security features are on the user login?
How does HorizonWeb search for products?
How do I login to the admin page?
I've changed a product's image but it's still displaying the old one.
Can I change the way the consumables finder looks?
How do I change the number of products displayed on a page?
How do I setup more than one payment option?
Can I allow customers to pay invoices Online?
What are the different buttons used on HorizonWeb?
Can I allow users to change the invoice address of their order?
Can I prevent a contract from triggering the 'Non-Contract Items Require Authorisation' Rule?
How do I set a default cost centre for traders online?
How do Budgets work online?
How do I add the glider feature onto my HorizonWeb?
Can I add a contact group that is visible to everyone?

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