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    7.3 Adjusting the path on your Image.

Once you have uploaded the image to the web server you have to make a small adjustment to the html code so that the image is viewable on the web.

For every image you have included in the HTML you need to make an alteration to the link before the image.

For example:

<img src="C:\Users\BlueSky\Desktop\00215X.gif">

As you can see in the above example in this line in your html, the image being referenced to is sat on your desktop. The actual image you want to reference is sat on your HorizonWeb box so you need to edit and change the html to reflect this.

<img src="http://xx.xx.xx.xx/Images/00215X.gif ">

xx.xx.xx.xx is the external ip address of your HorizonWeb box as given to you earlier in this document.
The Images folder is where the images(s) are uploaded to on your HorizonWeb box.
You need to repeat this process for every image you have uploaded.

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