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    2.1 Setting up your Campaign Template

You need to create a HTML email body template to use this function. This is stored in the live directory within the folders Marketing > Templates. (as seen below)

Within the template you can use the following flag options:

  • %line_start% - Is the Starting point of the list
  • %line_end% - Is the end point of the list
  • %expiry% - Is replaced by the Expiry Date in the Sales Entry
  • %code% - Is replaced by the Product Code
  • %description% - Is replaced by the Product Description
  • %price% - Is replaced by the Price
  • %pack% - Is replaced by the Pack Size
  • %buynow% - Is replaced by a link to the product on HorizonWeb.

You are also able to use the standard options within Marketing:

  • %name% - Customer Name
  • %address% - Customer Address
  • %date% - Current Date
  • %pic% - Trigger Picture
  • %contactname% - Contact Name
  • %unsubscribe% - Unsubscribe Link
  • %salutation% - Customer Salutation
  • @login@ - HorizonWeb Login link
  • @autologin@ - HorizonWeb Automatic Login link

An example on how to implement these options is to create an html table to use these options (as seen below).

Note: A copy of this file can be obtained from ECi Bluesky Support.

When the marketing email body campaign is ran it would look like this:

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